Haha...No! The Joke Was On Me The Whole Time?

Group Exhibition

HQHQ Project Space

232 SE Oak St. #108

Portland, OR 97217

June 5th - June 28th, 2015

SCIN2B14 MALE: Class Average

SCIN2B14 FEMALE: Class Average

Digital Video Loop

Mary Ma


Katja #1

Plexiglass, Resin, Electronics, Hardware

Jordan Mang



Vice Clamps, Plasti Dip

Jessie Spiess


Wild 2

Television, DVD Player, DVD, Video Loop

Jodie Cavalier



iPad, Video Loop

Dylan Redford



Multi Media

Mario Gallucci


Wild 1

Television, DVD Player, DVD, Video Loop

Jodie Cavalier


Jodie Cavalier (b. 1986, California) is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in video, sculpture, research, collaboration, and curation. Her work engages site and objects to recontextualize images typically seen within the everyday and to draw attention to experiences both in and out of the gallery. Jodie received an MFA in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art and a BA in Art Practice from the University of California, Berkeley.


Mario Gallucci is a North Carolina born artist living and working in Portland, OR. He works for various galleries in town and is a 2014 MFA in Visual Studies graduate at Pacific Northwest College of Art. He constantly battles hoarding tendencies.

Mary Ma is a Toronto based artist working primarily in video projection, installation, sculpture, and recorded sound. Her work explores the landscape, phenomenology, and moments of contact within collective experience. She holds a BFA from OCAD University.

Jordan Mang is a visual artist based in Portland, Oregon. He is the Visual Art Curator at hq Objective and makes interactive artwork. He tends to look to Pynchon, Campbell and McLuhan for inspiration. He holds a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Jessie Spiess is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Portland, OR whose main fascinations include tools, glitter and sculpture. She earned her BFA from The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and her MFA from The Pacific Northwest College of Art. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Dylan Redford lives outside of Minneapolis MN and received his BLA in Studio Art from Middlebury College. Dylan's video performance work has been described as "navel gazing" and "narcissistic" sometimes "vulnerable" and "honest". Occasionally people think he's "funny". Dylan likes to use GoPro, iPhone, and webcam video because he wants things to feel real. Dylan's work is porous and self destructive and he'd like to keep it that way. More performance work can be found on his YouTube channel here.