Mario Gallucci

HQHQ Project Space

232 SE Oak St. #108

Portland, OR 97217

April 24th - May 21st, 2014

MEATSPACE is an extended metaphor rooted in the phenomenological discussion between real and virtual interfacing. By redrawing the distinctive line in this contemporary epistemology, rather, between the corporeal (of the flesh) and psychic (of the mind), Gallucci interpolates moments of tension, potential and mimesis in everyday life. With his frantic production ethic and broad toolbox of visual strategies, Gallucci's MEAT SPACE encourages a re-examination of human relationships to everyday environments and objects in terms of the emotional and physical capacity of the viewer or user to be present and reactive.

Documantation courtesy of the artist

Mario Gallucci lives and works in Portland, OR. He graduated Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2014 with a MFA in Visual Studies. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include Found In Translation at Allied Works (Portland), STEAM at The Art Gallery at University of West Florida (Pensacola), and Performative Ecologies at dc3 Art Projects (Alberta, Canada).