Response Response

Linda Kliewer

Ryan Patrick Kruger

HQHQ Project Space

232 SE Oak St. #108

Portland, OR 97217

March 6th - March 29th, 2015

“There is something radical about the way in which photographs can impact you. In creating the content for Response Response I was fortunate enough to spend time with Linda [Kliewer’s] archive. As I was going through her archive of works, my initial response was the recognition of something familiar in viewing the work of a friend and peer’s. I am not alone in my queer experience, as I have understood in creating this exhibition. It’s not that far behind us that we could recall a time when images of the queer body were rife with negative connotations. Today, I reassert these images as paramount to the creation of a safe space in celebration of something positive. I am forever in debt to those who have defined the history for queer existence. I am a product of a post-stonewall generation. It would be with disrespect to not use the voice in which I obtained through a fight for self-reliance by my friends and family. Showing works from the past does define the language to be representing yesterday as much as it is about today.”

-- Ryan Patrick Krueger

Existing somewhere between the revisiting of an archive and the construction of a new one, Response Response simultaneously acts as a historical survey and the nexus of a new dialogue. Within, you will find a selection of photographs from Linda Kliewer’s ouevre between the 1970’s and the 1990’s in relationship to current works by Ryan Patrick Krueger. In the 4+ decades separating the exhibited works of these artists, a dialogue re-surfaces with photography at the center of the radical assertion of queer visibility.

Documantation courtesy of the artist

Ryan Patrick Krueger (b.1992, New Jersey) is an artist currently working and living in Portland, Oregon. He is currently finishing his BFA with the Pacific Northwest College of Art. In the last four years Ryan has built a practice for engaging in the radical language of photography and its relationship to queer identity.


As a queer artist, Linda has spent much of her life pushing against the current of misinformation to make herself and others visible. Sharing her own truths through images. Linda is an award-winning queer filmmaker and photographer who has been making film, video and still images for over 30 years. Her passions are social documentary and teaching. Her art centers on self-portraiture, social comment and most recently swimming pools.