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Jabari Jordan-Walker


Jabari Jordan-Walker

22 pages

$5 soft cover

ISBN: 978-1-4951-9048-3

Published January 16, 2016 by hq Objective Press

Printed and bound at FORTUNE gallery & press

Marc Matchak


Recent Poems is largely an excursion into internal rummaging of Muffy, who serves as the linear relay between narratological occurrences inside and outside of their space of inhabitance. I can’t write poetry in a structurally conventional way, I am actually straight up incapable of doing so; for its reading often suggests the reader engage in a pensive mode, wherein the space of word function may be duplicitous and sentiment is cauterized. I want openness, but Recent Poems is set for the most part in a room. The room is the largest, most loaded space in the poems. It is full of objects such as lamps and pencils and a bed in which Muffy sleeps. While visiting this room from the outside, I would like for these poems to actually fly by in one’s reading. Muffy cannot talk. Muffy sometimes thinks but conclusive ends weigh in against real world occurrences and only further indecision arises. Musicality, metonym testing, and Kristen Stewart place mark some notable points of entry. If the work could be called Muffy then it would be about Muffy, but Recent Poems at least insinuates that I wrote them.

Marc Matchak

35 pages

$12 soft cover

ISBN: 978-1-4951-9047-6

Published January 16, 2016 by hq Objective Press

Printed and bound at FORTUNE gallery & press

Pillowtops & Beyond

Pillowtops & Beyond

Created by Carly Mandel

Texts contributed by

Tony Chrenka

John Knight

Rebecca R Peel

Lisa Radon

Eileen Isagon Skyers

Published May 30, 2015 by hq Objective Press

Printed and bound by Publication Studio

Available for purchase here

The Pain Quotidian

The Pain Quotidian

Curated by Gil Lawson &

Wendy Lotterman

Design by Ian Hatcher

Writings by

Trisha Low

Anne Boyer

Francesca Capone

+ Kristin Mueller

Felix Bernstein

Wendy Lotterman

Gil Lawson

Allison Brainard

Published January, 2015 by hq Objective in collaboration with Nick Irvin



Works by

Johnny Ray Alt

Andre C Filipek

Madelyn Freeman

Nicolo Gentile

Isabelle Sophia Harada

Kyle Leeser

Daniel Mackin

Jordan Mang

Elaina Tardif

Published March, 2014 by hq Objective